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My services are not only about health and fitness, but also about mindset work.

Because your body hears everything that your mind says. Once you control your mind and gain confidence on yourself you can achieve everything you want in life.  


My monthly coaching services include:

  • Weekly 1:1 video call (50 minutes)
  • Personalized weekly meal plan (breakfast, lunch and dinner).
  • Weekly fitness challenges.
  • Green juice and smoothie menu.
  • Mindset exercises to boost your confidence.
  • Reflective questionnaires & more to help you achieve your goals.
  • Constant support from your coach Samanda.
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  • 1 video call – 50 minutes where we’ll address the following:
  • I will help you get clear on your goals and based on that we will create a plan that fits your lifestyle perfectly.
  • We will go over your current lifestyle habits and we’ll determine which ones you should avoid and replace with healthier ones (includes food, relationships, etc)
  • Introduction to green juices and their benefits for your health.
  • You will learn to create new healthier habits in your lifestyle (food, mindset and physical activity)
  • Fitness weekly challenges
  • You’ll get access to my favorite natural detox drinks that will help give your metabolism a jumpstart.
  • Q&A’s.

2nd call “Becoming my Best-Self”  


  • 7 days after our first call, we will have our second 50 video call where we will discuss your progress and I’ll answer all your questions and doubts.
  • Also includes:
  • Introduction to food journaling and its benefits.
  •  Natural supplements for healthier skin and stronger immune system.
  • Learn to read food labels.
  • The power of positive thinking. You’ll learn how to apply daily affirmations for success in all areas of your life.
  • I’ll share with you my favorite tips to master self confidence.
  • Fitness weekly challenges
  • Q & A’s.

4th call – “Creating Lifetime Habits”  


    • 1 video call – 50 minutes where we’ll discuss:
    • Learn how to keep your new healthy habits forever .
    • The power of goal setting.
    • How to always achieve your goals in life.
    • Self love – how to find the right balance in all the areas of your life (nutrition, fitness, relationships, lifestyle etc)
    • “Treat meals” and how often you should have them.
    • Fitness weekly challenges
    • Q&A’s

    d: “How to live a positive life”

  • Self- confidence tips
  • Q&A's

3rd call “Getting Stronger”  


  • 1 video call – 50 minutes where we’ll address the following:
  • Access to my favorite Juice and smoothie's recipes.
  • Super foods for better glowing skin and better health.
  • Fitness weekly challenges
  • Mindset food: “How to live a positive life”
  • Self- confidence tips
  • Q&A's

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