Fun ways to do cardio on the treadmill

I know sometimes just the though of doing cardio scares us. I mean I used to avoid it at all costs before... 30 minutes on the treadmill seemed like an eternity to me.

So I came up with fun ideas of doing my cardio. (keep in mind that I like to alternate my cardio between days, it is really important to always surprise our bodies with different daily movements)


So without further due, these are probably my ALL TIME favorite ways of doing cardio on the treadmill.

Side walk: Power walk from side to side (always watch out your steps). Do this for arund 5 minutes each side

HIIT: Run for 30 seconds then rest for 15 seconds. Keep doing this for about 10 to 15 minutes max.

Power walk + squats: Ok this will make your butty feel on fire! Switch between 1 min power walk then do 5 squats. Repeat this for around 10 minutes.

Lunges: These are my favorite when it comes to using the treadmill. You can do them for as long as you want. (I usually do them for around 10 minutes then I switch it around.

Slow walk + leg kick: This will tone your butt in no time!! Just make sure to hold the StairMaster while you do this 🙂

That's it you guys! Simple exercises that will make your cardio routine a lot more fun! 🙂


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