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My name is Samanda and I am a certified health and fitness coach. My mission is to help women feel confident on their own skin so they can live a happy and balanced life.

I provide them all the tools, guidance and support they need to fulfill their goals.

Let me tell you a little story about me....


I used to think I had a healthy lifestyle.

I spent years cutting carbs from my diet, eating boring salads, working out a few times a week (not knowing exactly what to do at the gym). I used to spend hours searching on the internet for the perfect diet, the perfect 4-week workout routine that will tone my body and help me get rid of cellulite.

It was exhausting and none of that worked as you can imagine! I was about to quit when I decided to hire a health coach.

My life literally changed for the better. She helped me achieved all my health and fitness goals in such an easy way. She gave me all the right information and guidance I needed at that time.

In fact, I loved it so much I became a certified health and fitness coach myself.

And know it's my time to help you reach your goals!

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